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Terms and conditions of business

Booking Conditions

  • The information must be received at least 5 working days before the closing date of the parking area.
  • The panels will be installed at least 72 hours before (Sunday and holidays not included).
  • The parking spaces can not be reserved for your own convenience (cocktail, party, car show).

Use of the public way (H1-05.01 art8/H1-05.12 art1-12)

  • 1- In preparation of a work or an event, the vehicles parked on public roads with no time restriction, but that arrived after the set up of a temporary sign, can be removed by order of the police after the deadline has passed. The collected cars will be made ​​available to the holders in a garage.
  •  2 - The costs of removal and custody of vehicles removed at the behest of the police, as well as the police intervention impound fees and custody fees are the responsibility of the collected car owner.
  • 3- However vehicles parked before the temporary sign was placed (paragraph 1) are removed at the expense of the Owner or the organizer of the event. The fees recalled in paragraph 2 shall be due by him.
  • *Only the original text of the rules in French shall form the basis for any litigation.


  • Nous remboursons les annulations pour autant quelles nous soient parvenues ou moins 5 jours avant la date de début.